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My Ode To You...

Imagine being raised in a home lled with violence,
No father gure whatsoever to turn to for guidance,
Now he becomes a watered down version of what he thinks is a man,
With no way to understand,
How to properly treat a woman with the delicacy that God planned,
First he starts with her smile and turns it upside down,
With every growl and every pound,
Every kick and degrading sound,
Her crown begins to tilt,
Next thing you know it’s on the ground,
Now, if you listen real closely and take a good look around,
You’ll see traumatized children,
So what do you do now?
Hope and pray that he’ll nally come around?
And keep enduring the le , rights and ridicule he constantly throws around?

Or do you grab your things and leave?
Giving yourself a chance to breathe,
All together avoiding the bobs and weaves,
Grab the kids and retrieve!,
“Look at what you did to me!?”
at’s what he o en screams,

In reverse psychology,
Singing that same ass song,
thee title is “Whoa is Me”,
You know what makes the shit so crazy?
Don’t he remind you of his daddy?
And damn near every other black man blindly leading a family?

See we live in a time where the black man is under attack,
But he has to learn not to blame the black woman for that,
Your independence should be a plus,
But de nitely not a must,

Without “U” there’s no “Us”
Make him earn back that trust,
Don’t allow lust to heal that wound in such a rush,
Make him understand your worth,
By holding him accountable rst,
But do your best to understand the power of a generational curse,

See he’s su ering from an illness that he inherited rst,
And each time that it’s passed down the e ect is even worse,
Young Queen, please don’t confuse this diagnosis for a justi cation,

By no means am I telling you stay,
But if you love him like I know you do,
I’m begging you to pray,
Ask God to rebuke the demons that guide your men a stray,
And to one day restore the faith that a good man can keep you safe,

A good man on your side,
Who you can count on and con de inside,
A king who resides beside,
Never leaving you behind,
I’m man enough to say that “he” was once me,
A young lost soul lacking compassion and integrity,
To all the honorable Queens,
Who’s worlds were shattered by men similar to me,
On behalf of us all,
I sincerely and remorsefully extend my apology,

C.W. Burnett

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