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Road To Redepmtion

A Story of Mental Health &

Self Accountability

From the outside looking in, Deshaun Nelson is a 32-year-old black man, plagued with a drug addiction, bad attitude, lack of accountability, and extreme anger issues. His short fuse and narcissistic ways are red flags for anyone he encounters. But, beyond the surface, lies a much deeper problem. A problem that black men in America have hidden from for decades. 


At his lowest point, Deshaun finds himself in a situation that could land him years behind bars. His only chance of leniency comes in the form of a black, court-appointed therapist, Dr. Julissa Bishop. As Dr. Bishop unravels layers of his murky past, can she get Deshaun to trace the origins of his childhood trauma head on? 


Deshaun’s Road to Redemption is a powerful testament to the mental struggles of black, inner-city men throughout America. This story shines light on the unhealthy ways black men have been taught to internalize their emotions, resulting into lost souls looking for solutions in all the wrong places

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Jermaine Thomas

“Yo, this book was on point. Every emotion Deshaun felt resonated with me and my own struggles. Thanks for the inspiration. Buying more copies for my brothers tonight.”


Latrice Sinclair

“This book was everything! Like seriously, I could barely keep the tears from flowing down my face. Every black man and woman needs to read this story. We all know or have experienced a Deshaun in our lifetime. I see greatness in your future. Blessings!


Dr. Lilly Bernard, Therapist

“This novel was heartfelt, informative, courageous and spot on to the struggles our young, black men experience on a daily basis... Just purchased 100 copies as a roadmap for future clients. Keep pushing forward King.”

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