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Why Are Black Women So Angry?


That’s a question asked by many. The stigma behind the temperament of our melanin-ated queens is one of legend. Their brazen, sassy, tough exterior and short fuse has been taken and stretched out of proportion. Not only by other races, but also the male species that’re responsible for creating these quote on quote “monsters” in the first place. Now, fellas before you jump down my throat give me a few minutes to explain.

Since the beginning of time women have leaned on men for assurance. The protection and comfort of a strong presence has always been something they’ve desired. As time evolved, circumstances flipped the pendulum. Women, black in particular, were forced to carry burdens that weren’t designed to be lifted upon their shoulders. If we look back to post segregation days, we’d understand the origins of this reversal.

In the beginning young militant, educated, courageous black men thrived in their newly found role as the leaders of the new school. These brilliant revolutionaries took advantage of grants provided by the government and used them to establish learning centers, storefronts, and feeding programs to help better serve our community. Mothers, wives, and daughters were proud to stand behind these young kings as they bravely carved their niches into a society that preferred blacks to kneel versus standing tall.

Once the government caught wind of what was taking place, they used artificial intelligence to weaken the efforts of the platoon. They also appointed mainstream media outlets to portray these black soldiers as thugs.

White America set out on a mission to destroy their credibility by any means necessary. Their most effective means became the influx of drugs and mass incarceration. As a result, millions of black men were stripped of their honor and freedom, leaving black mothers to raise children on their own.

Naturally, women felt abandoned. Black men left them to raise kids single handedly, even if it wasn’t by choice. Then, the anxiety and stress of picking up the pieces came into play. Long days of working hard, low-paying jobs to make ends meet combined with the God given job of being a full-time parent, ignited resentment towards the same men they once worshipped as kings.

When the men did return from prison, or elongated drug binges, majority of them were only a shell of themselves. The lack of opportunity and proper skillset to enter a work force, which was never intended to benefit them, added to the demise of their targeted species. Due to this, many black men turned to selling drugs as a means of income which subsequently landed them in a worse predicament than before.

Through it all, women were the ones who suffered the most. The little girls being raised without a father started coming into their own. Pin pointing every mistake or short coming their mothers made. Not being mature enough to fully grasp the magnitude of her load or identify with the bad hand she’d been dealt. As they lost respect for their mothers, the mothers lost even more respect for the absentee fathers.

The disappearance of the black man created a new generation of undervalued young adults. Girls who didn’t know the true feeling of being loved by a daddy looked in other places for it. These delicate, innocent, yet naïve children blindly gave their trust to

opportunist who posed as uncles, pastors, neighbors, momma’s boyfriend and other beloved titles that gave them access to a missing father’s baby girl. The young boys chased fame and the fast life instead of being properly trained by his father on how to prepare for his future wife. Courting young ladies became a sport instead of a way to sincerely prove interest. They were never taught how to appreciate a black woman for being the vessel of life to all mankind. So, they degraded and disrespected. Referring to women as bitches and hoes any time a situation didn’t go there way. The words pimp, mac, and player took reign over the title of husband. Pitting women against each other to compete for him became a badge of honor. These boys became emasculated black males who’d rather kick their feet up, and stick their hands out, instead of working to provide.

Fast forward to today. The black woman is thriving better than ever. She’s discovered a formula that her mother was too overwhelmed to find. She’s possessed an uncanny ability to overcome misfortunes through education, hard work, discipline, and an unmatched commitment to excellence. All while maneuvering through the fuckery that simple minded men dish her way daily. Her pain turned into motivation. Her confusion turned into clarity. Her dreams turned into goals. Her goals turned into accomplishments. This transition didn’t come easy. And it didn’t come with a smile either.

That raises the question once again. Why are black women so angry? As a black man, my guess would be because they’re tired. They’re tired of carrying our dead weight. They’re tired of our entitlement. They’re tired of our disrespect. They’re tired of seeing us underachieve. They’re tired of seeing us killing each other. They’re tired of us not taking care of our responsibilities. Most importantly, they’re tired of submitting and standing beside men who aren’t worthy of leading. So, my question to you is... as black men when are we going to stop complaining and finally do something to change to this narrative?

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